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Kindly apply under Sayakha Estate in online application software those who proposes to set up industrial unit in Sayakha Engineering, Sayakha Textile, Sayakha Dyes and Pigment, Sayakha Chemical,Juned Engineering,Bhersam Engineering and Argama Chemical Estates.
General Conditions: Online Application registered before 1st February - 2010 will not be considered.
The Online Application is for applying for Industrial Plots, Industrial Shed and Housing Plot in all Big/Large/small estates, where inventory is available. For applying online, applicant should have a valid Email ID.
Estate Categories
Industrial Estate of the corporation are broadly classified as
1) Normal:- Allotment of plot/shed is made on "First come first serve" basis on receipt of the application with all required documents and DD for scrutiny fee, if the plot/shed is available. The allotment is subject to clearance from scrutiny mechanism set up by the Corporation. 2) Saturated:- Available Plot/shed in saturated estate can be disposed off by public auction only. Only adjoining plot holder will be considered for allotment without auction, for expansion of their business, in saturated estates.

For saturated estates, adjoining plot holder can file their online application. Applicant should have a unit in the existing estate to apply for adjoining plot. The allotment to the adjoining plot will be done @ 120% of prevailing A.P.
To see list of saturated estates,click here.

If any residential zone is available in the saturated estate, the applicant shall be allowed to apply online for the same and the allotment shall be done as per the policy for allotment of Housing plot stated below.
To see list of estates having residential zone, click here.
These estate are further subdivided in to 3 categories: I. Small Estate:- Estate having less than 100 Hect. Area II. Big Estate:- Estate having more than or equal to 100 Hect. Area and less then or equal to 500 Hect. Area. III. Large Estate:- Estate having more than 500 Hect       Application are categorized as under:
For Small Estate Category For Big Estates Category
Upto 1000 sqm. I Upto 5000 sq. mtr I
1001 to 2000 sqm. II 5001 sq. mtr to 20000 sq.mtrs II
2001 to 5,000 sqm. III 20001 sq. mtr & above III
5,001 to 10,000 sqm. IV
10,001 sqm. and above V
For Large Estates
(Mor than 500 Ha.)
Upto 5000 sqm. I
5001 to 20000 sqm. II
20001 to 100000 sqm. III
100001 to 200000 sqm. IV
200001 sqm. and above V
Information regarding Online Application System:- The Online Application form is divided in 10 major heads as under: • General information • Applicant Information • Details of payment towards Scrutiny fee • Details of existing unit/s of applicant either in the same estate or at any other place • Project Details • Investment details • Financial arrangements • Land use pattern • Infrastructural requirements • Details of employment generation
The lists of Documents to be kept ready /attached at the time of applying online are as follows: 1. Detailed project report including following details:
-Company’s project profile, Details of Raw material details to be used, Machineries to be used, Manufacturing process/Process flow chart, Details of Finished products, Proposed investment & financial planning of the project and other project related information, if any.
2. Demand Draft for scrutiny fee** 3. Undertaking To download click here. - (Undertaking to be submitted on Rs. 300 stamp paper with all details dully filled in and signed in by applicant and two witnesses) 4. Certified Copy of certificate of caste (If applying under reserved category) 5. Certified copy of any one from: Election photo I Card/ Driving license/Passport/PAN card for Photo Identity proof* 6. Certified copy of any one from: Election photo I Card/ Driving license/Passport for Photo Address proof* 7. Two Photographs of each partners/present Directors* 8. Certified Copy of; 9. In case of FDI, applicant should submit copy of application submitted to RBI for FDI approval/copy of approval of RBI. 10. Undertaking of GPCB NOC for chemical projects. To download click here. 11. Undertaking for Infrastructure for applicants of Dahej industrial estate. To download click here. 12. Undertaking for application of Woman Industrial Park. To download click here. 13. Age Proof of female applicants for Women Industrial Park - Sanand-2(Age proof Pancard, Passport, Birth Ceritificat, School Living Certificate, AdharCard) (age should be 18 years or above at the time of application)
*Identity proof, address proof and 2 photographs are to be submitted for, • Individual/Proprietary Firm – Proprietor • Partnership Firm- All partners • Private Limited- All present Directors • Public Limited- All present Directors on Board • HUF- Karta • AOP (Association of Persons)- Chairman • Government undertaking/ Corporation- All present members on Board • Promoter/Director of proposed Private/Public Limited co. - proposed director/promoter.
For the applicant who is applying for adjoining property, following documents are to be attached over and above the above specified documents: a. Project report for expansion of the business b. Documents showing details of Capital Investment & Details of source of Investment for business expansion c. Copy of last three years’ Electricity Bills & Water Bills of existing business unit d. Copy of last three years’ Profit & Loss A/c and Balance sheet existing business unit e. Lay-out for the land demanded for expansion purpose f. Details of Machineries required and layout for the same for expansion of business
** Applicant shall have to attach Demand Draft for the amount as mentioned below, according to the area applied, towards non-refundable scrutiny fee. DD shall be in favour of GIDC.
Amount of Scrutiny Fees (in Rs.)
Area (in square meter) For Industrial plot
General category OTP Category*
1-10000 1240.00 532.00
10001-50000 5960.00 2420.00
50000 & above 11860.00 4780.00
For Shed
General Category:- OTP Category*
All 2420.00 1004.00
For Housing plot
All category:-
1-10000 1240.00
10001-50000 5960.00
50000 & above 11860.00
*OTP category includes Adjoining Plot Holder, Land Looser, SC, ST, Socially and Economically backward Applicant, and Ex-Army Personnel, Ex-serviceman and War widow.

The applicant has to send the print out of the system generated application and acknowledgement receipt along with all necessary documents, as mentioned above, either personally or through Registered post to the office of concerned Regional Manager within 30 days from the date of applying online.

The documents can be handed over personally to the concerned regional office within 30 days from the date of application or it can be sent through Registered Post in such a manner that it should reach concerned Regional Office within 30 days from the date of application.

If above mentioned documents are not received within prescribed time limit then application stands cancelled.

The applicants shall not be allowed to vary from the details submitted by him/her online. No change shall be allowed in the details once it is submitted online or at the time of sending the documents.

Policy Facts to be kept into mind while applying • Out of Turn Priority (OTP) As per policy of Corporation, the following categories of applicants are considered for OTP in normal estates:- Adjoining plot holder. Land looser SC Candidate ST Candidate Socially and Economically Backward candidate Ex-Army Personnel war widow
Allotment to the above category of applicants will done in ceiling limit of 15% of total land area of relevant estate.
In case of saturated estates, only adjoining plot holders will be considered for allotment without auction for expansion of their business. The allotment will be done at premium over prevailing Allotment Price.(As per the policy)
Frontage charges
Frontage charges are levied on the plots located on National Highway, State Highway, Major District road, Main Estate road having a minimum width of 18 meters on the formula of length x depth = frontage length. Frontage charges are recovered at the rate of 5% of the prevailing allotment price for land up to 50,000 sq.mtrs. and Rs. 15/- sq. mtr. for each square meter then after.
Down Payment/Installment Schedule
In normal estates, the applicant is required to pay the down payment 50% of the OCA amount within 60 days of the receipt of allotment letter.
The remaining 50% is to be paid by 12 postdated cheques (PDCs) of quarterly installment with the prevailing rate of interest, which is subject to revision from time to time.
In saturated estates, Applicant has to pay 100% cost of the property within 30 days time from the date of receipt of offer-cum-Allotment letter (OCA) to have allotment.
Acceptance of OCA
All applicants shall be given a time period of 60/30 days from the date of OCA to accept it and make the down payment, signing and returning License Agreements with Acceptance letter.
Physical Possession of Property
On accepting OcA, the Corporation will instruct within 7 days to Dy. Executive Engineer to give possession of the allotted property. 20 days time is given to take physical possession.
Building Plan Approval
Allottee will have to get the plan approval from concerned authority and produce copy of approved plan to the concerned Regional Manager within time frame as per policy of Corporation. To Download click here.
Utilisation and Penalty for Non-Utilisation
For all industrial plots and sheds, time limit for commencing commercial production and yearly penalty rates for non-utilisation are as under.
All Type of Sheds/Plots
Sr. No. Description of Property  Time limit to commence commercial production Normal Estates  Saturated Estates
1 Up to 20,000 24 Months 2% 3%
2 20,001 to 50,000 30 Months 2% 3%
3 50,001 to 1, 00,000 36 Months 2% 3%
4 More than- 1, 00,000 48 Months 2% 3%
Transfer Fees
Following are the rates of fees in case of non- formal nature transfer of utilized plots.
Sr. No. Time of utilization  Transfer fee leviable
1. Utilization for less than 5 years. 20% of the prevailing Allotment Price
2. Utilization for more than 5 years but less than 15 years. 15% of the prevailing Allotment Price
3. Utilization for more than 15 year. 5% of the prevailing Allotment Price
Note: Transfer of NU Plots Banned
Policy Facts regarding Allotment of Housing Plot to Proprietor / Partner / Directors of any Industry
1)  Only those Proprietor / Partner / Directors shall be eligible for the allotment of housing plot who have not been alloted housing plot in the past and their unit is under production for last 4 years. 2)  That Proprietor or any one Partner or any one Director of industry, who have been alloted industrial plot admeasuring upto 1000 sq mtrs., shall be allowed to be allotted one housing plot upto 150 sq mtrs.                                         3)  The Proprietor or any one Partner or any one Director of the industry, who have been allotted industrial plot admeasuring more than 1000 sq mtrs., shall be allowed to be allotted one housing plot upto 200 sq mtrs.                                         4)  Transfer of unutilized Housing Plots shall not be allowed. 5)  If the allottee fails to utilize the plot within 3 years, than he / she shall have to return the plot to the Corpotation.                                         6)  Amalgamation of plots allotted under the name of any individual shall not be allowed                                                                                 
Policy Facts regarding Allotment of Housing Plot to employyes of industrial unit, which includes Executive, Administrator, Manager & other staff
1)  The allotment of housing plot shall be done in the limit of 20% of total available housing area in the estate. 2)  No housing plot to be allotted to any individual, instead a co-operative society made of min 12 members shall be allotted housing plot for constructing housing quaters by planning of housing plot admeasuring  500 sq mtrs. to 1000 sq. mtrs in the development plan. 3)  The company shall be one of the members of said society and shall work as a promotor of the society . 4)  The allottee must be working for at least consecutive 4 years in the said organization prior to apply for housing plot and must be earning at least Rs.3000/ per month to qualify for the application.The allottee shall have to provide relevant certificate for the same. 5)  The society shall have to pay 100% cost of the property at the time of allotment. 6)  If the allottee fails to utilize the plot within 3 years, than he / she shall have to return the plot to the Corporation. 7)  The members of the society shall have to obtain certificate of "Permanent Employment" from the concerned employer. 

Policy Facts regarding Allotment of Housing Plot for Industry / Co-operative Society in Ankleshwar Estate

1) Any one of Proprietor / Partner / Director shall be allotted Housing Plot of maximum  300sq. mtrs with ceiling of maximum of 3 (three) plots. Looking to availability of land in the estate, those Proprietor / Partner / Directors who have not been allotted Housing Plot in the past, shall be given priority.  2) Any industry shall be allowed to be allotted housing area to the maximum limit of 1500 sq mtrs. Area allotted to Proprietor / Partner / Directors as stated in the condition given above in (1) shall be deducted from this allotment. 3)In case of any Co. Op. Society of employees / officers of any industry shall be allotted Housing Plot to the maximum limit  of 5000 sq. mtrs. per society. This society must be sponsored by the  concerned industry. The land shall be provided in limit of 10% of industrial plot allotted to the concerned industry.                                                                                 4) The allottee shall have to pay 100% of plot at the time of allotment.                                          5) No open plot allotted in this manner shall be allowed to be transferred. The allottee shall have to utilize the plot within 3 years. No plots allotted under this policy shall be allowed to be amalgamated.

Note:- Above mentioned facts are synopsis of respective policies only. Any allotee / applicant shall have to abide the policy of the Corporation which may be changed from time to time

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